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    Agrimonia Pilosa

    1. Tyrosinase Inhibitory Activity of Plant Extracts (3): Fifty Korean Indigenous Plants.
    Soo Jin Kim, Moon Young Heo, Ki Hwan Bae, Sam Sik Kang, Hyun Pyo Kim. Biomolecules & Therapeutics.

    "The purpose of this study was to evaluate tyrosinase inhibitory activity of plant extracts, especially Korean indigenous plants, for the cosmetic use of skin whitening. When 50 plant extracts were tested, the methanol extracts of Agrimonia pilosa, Aster scaber, Dianthus sinensis, Fatsia juponicu, Hemistepta lyrata. Lespedeza cuneuta, Osmunda japonicum. Pyrolujuponica, Rodgersia phodophyllu and Veratrumgrandiforum possessed the considerable tyrosinase inhibitory activity. Especially, L. cuneata, aerial part of 0. juponicum and V. gand$orum exhibited the strong inhibition. In particular, the methanol extract of V. grandiforwm and its ethylacetate fraction showed potent inhibition,...These plant extracts may be used as tyrosinase inhibitors in cosmetics."

    2. Functional Material, Process for Producing Functional material and Functional Member and Environment Modifying Apparatus using the Functional Material.
    Hiroshi Okamoto, Owari-asahi-shi (JP); Shin-ichi Inoue, Tokoname-shi (JP); Masataka Sano, Hamamatsu-shi (JP); Yoko Nagai, Hamamatsu-shi (JP); Hiroki Miyamatsu, Hamamatsu-shi (JP); Kimi Yoshida, Hamamatsu-shi (JP). Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland, Maier & Neustadt, P.C. 1940 Duke Street Alexandria, VA 22314 (US). Pub.Date:Feb.23,2006.

    "The essential oils derived from plants are plant derived effective components which have at least one property selected from the group consisting of anti-microorganism properties, deodorizing properties, anti-allergenic properties anti-oxidation properties, anti-inflammation properties, relaxation properties, aroma-therapeutic properties, moistrurizing properties, noxious-minor-creature rejective actions, nd which are exemplified below. For example, essential oil-related, crude drug-related, and the other related components can be exemplified. As for the essential oil related ones, effective components, which are derived from Anise, West Indian Sandalwood, Angelica,... Agrimonia Pilosa, Licium chinese MILLER,"